The Importance of Security Locks

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Importance of security locks

In recent years, Security locks have become increasingly crucial as more burglars become aware of the latest methods for gaining entry to our homes and companies. Similarly, security firms are always developing new security locks to deter criminals and make us feel safer, ensuring that no unauthorized third parties enter our house or company.

 Who invented the security lock?

When it comes to security locks, people frequently ask themselves a lot of questions. “Who created the security lock?” is one of the most often asked questions. Because significant things appear on their own, each creation is the product of someone’s labor.


If we’re talking about the roots of the lock, we have to go back 4,000 years to China. It would be used in Egypt thousands of years later, about 2,000 BC. Up to three thousand distinct models were shown in the United States during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Linus Yale patented the contemporary lock at this time, and he refined it with the aid of his son Linus Yale Jr., using the Egyptian lock as a model.

In the 20th century, locks continued to evolve, and we began to see many different classes, even the ones we find today, with security locks in all their glory.

The importance of choosing a security lock

The first step to properly select a security lock is to obtain professional guidance to determine which lock is most appropriate for the type of business or property. Because there are numerous security lock types to pick from, it is critical to select the most highly recommended.

But it is essential to choose a good security lock, to protect either our home or workplace and prevent the entry of intruders.

Even if you believe the front door of your home is safe, you still need to do a lot to increase your security. Security measures, such as the tactics used by thieves, are improving rapidly. To prevent thieves and potential attacks or theft of valuables from becoming easier, it is essential always to take a step forward and protect yourself.

Security locks for armored doors

It is common, for security reasons, to reinforce armored doors with security locks. It is a way to protect more and prevent them from entering, so it is an interesting option to consider, especially when you have many goods or things of value.

In this case, the multipoint lock is the best security lock for an armored door. They feature 3 to 5 anchor points and are a perfect match for this style of door. They may also be found on the lateral, upper, and lower sides, making them one of the most versatile and resistant alternatives.

What is the best security lock?

If you’re trying to figure out which security lock is the best, know that you have many alternatives. It’s crucial to remember, though, that no lock is impossible to open. For example, the invisible lock is one of the most recent improvements in locks; the lock is hidden from the outside and prevents the burglar from forcing the door open. What is demonstrated, however, is that the deterrence element is effective.

To put it another way, the burglar must notice the high-security lock on the door. It’s the first indication that they’re being pushed back. Consumers, on the other hand, find these invisible security locks to be extremely enticing. Based on our expertise, we feel their technology is very new, resulting in several operational problems.

If we consider that, according to Police sources, more than 80% of the robberies produced by forcing the door are through the bumping system, we have to look for a lock with a good anti-bumping system. On the market, you will find cutting-edge locks that combine many qualities in the same bulb: anti-bumping, anti-hammer, with anti-drill, anti-twist, and extraction shields. Even these locks detect any intrusion or even attempt to copy the key. Moreover, they notify you with SMS to your mobile, with an alarm, at no extra cost to the user. They are locks that are placed on any door or window. So you can be calmer at home or work since it will be reinforced, and you practically guarantee that nothing will happen.

Types of security locks

There are many types of security locks so that we will review the main ones in this article.

  • Tubular locks: they have monobloc systems, that is, a latch and a lock that is joined by the same mechanism. It also has a button that allows you to open or close the door from the inside. It is a very conventional and popular type of lock, so it must be present on all doors. In addition, it is resistant and inexpensive.
  • Recessed locks: it is considered the best option for armored doors. They work utilizing a mechanism that allows opening through a handle inside and that turns the latch. It is a strong type of lock.
  • Overlapping locks: they are ideal for exterior doors such as terraces and gardens … although they are comfortable and ideal for thin doors of less than 4 cm, it must be said that they can be forced easily (as long as you know how to do it).
  • Cylindrical locks: it is a type of lock widely used outdoors. They come with a cylinder-shaped bowler, where the key is inserted and prevents it from being easily forced. We usually find it on the doors of homes, offices, shops, etc.
  • Multipoint locks: they have several anchor points (between 3 and 5). It is recommended for use on armored or solid wood doors.
  • Electronic or digital locks: they are the most innovative locks. They allow the door to be spoken with a mobile phone, with your presence, or with a fingerprint. We are possibly facing the future, and they will evolve.

Although there are other types of security locks, these are possibly the main and most common.

So remember, if you want us to proceed with installing security locks in your home or office so that you feel more secure, don’t hesitate to contact All in one locksmith in Tampa because we will offer you all kinds of information without charges.

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