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    Do you need a Rent a Car service and have not had any experience with this service so far? Look no further because you will get answers to all the questions and doubts that bother you in this text. In this article we read about the tips for car rental: HOW EARLY TO BOOK A RENTAL A CAR VEHICLE? So, if you have formulated the question in this way, you are aware that you have to book a Rent a Car vehicle in advance. An urgent rental in mind today for today can not only cost you more but there is also a greater chance that you will not be able to get the desired car brand that will serve you best. There is no rule as to how early you should book, but if you already know that you will need this service for, for example, four months, why not? It is never too early, and you will undoubtedly choose all the types of cars that this Rent a Car agency provides. HOW DO I CHOOSE A RENT A CAR AGENCY? You asked friends and acquaintances, looked on the Internet, the Rent Car agencies offer to grow every day. However, minor differences in unprofessionalism, not adequately maintained vehicles, and similar items can lead to great inconveniences. Understandably, you want to find a rental agency that is entirely professional and with which you will not have any inconveniences. That is why you must inquire well and get as many reviews as possible before deciding on the agency you will rent. Keep in mind that ratings on agency sites can be fake, so that a good rating on multi-page forums is more relevant, and consider the rating of a friend or acquaintance who had experience with Rent Car agencies to be the most relevant. If you want to find the best company to rent a car in Lahore, Carlay car Rental provides the best offer. HOW DO I CHOOSE A VEHICLE? To get the best answer to this question, it is essential to put a few factors on paper: where you travel, what the roads will be like, how many people you carry, how much luggage you have, and what you want to get from the car you rent. If you did well in the previous item (choosing a professional Rent a Car agency), then you will not have problems with the choice, because professional rental agencies not only have a large selection of cars, but their employees are more than helpful and will help you find the best a car for you. NEGOTIATE THE PRICE Many car rental agencies offer their employees special bonuses when they convince clients to opt for additional insurance and packages they have in their offer. This means there is also a chance to negotiate and get additional services at a discount, but only if you ask yourself. And therefore, do not hesitate but negotiate with the officer in charge of you. TAKE PHOTOS OF THE CAR BEFORE AND AFTER USE Unfortunately, a common cause of inconvenience with Rent a Car agency is possible to damage to the car that may turn out to have been present even before you picked up the car at all or after returning it to the agency. For this reason, have a camera with you and take a good picture of the situation before and after use so that you are not accused (often and accidentally) of negligence that is not your fault.