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With the relaxed exit restrictions in Austria, many employees are returning from their home office to their old office. However, this does not mean that everyday working life can completely return to its previous state. It is also important to keep a sufficient distance and to ensure proper hygiene in the office. To support this, employers can equip their offices with hygienic walls, also known as a sneeze or spit protection. We explain here how these work and where they are best used.

What is a spit guard?

A spit guard, also called hygiene, sneeze, or sneeze guard. Is a pane or a display usually made of acrylic or plexiglass that protects people or goods from unhygienic droplets? These are mandatory in the hospitality industry for buffets and meat and cheese counters in the supermarket. But especially in COVID-19, they are also used in the office. The novel coronavirus spreads mainly through droplet infection. Pathogens can be transported up to a meter through the air when coughing, sneezing, or speaking. A spit guard made of plexiglass keeps these pathogens away wherever the recommended minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.

Hygienic protection made of plexiglass has the advantage that the surface has no pores and dirt cannot stick to it. This means that a partition wall can also keep pathogens away. In addition, it is transparent and unbreakable and therefore suitable for all office applications.

Clean the spit guard properly

Even if Plexiglas is more dirt-resistant than other surfaces, Plexiglas protective walls and stands should be cleaned regularly. As bacteria and viruses can survive for a few hours on these surfaces, and transmission can occur if they are touched. Caution: some disinfectants can damage the plastic. We therefore only recommend the use of isopropanol for cleaning hygienic protection walls.

Spit protection in the office

As soon as a workplace initiates the reboarding process, appropriate safety measures must also be taken. Most importantly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting employees from possible infection.

In the office, it is mainly Plexiglas partitions that are used as spit protection. In addition, the desk’s hygienic protection helps protect employees from being infected by colleagues if the office size does not allow sufficient distance. Nevertheless, care should be taken to ensure as much distance as possible between desks to reduce the possibility of infection as much as possible.

It would help if you also used at least one plexiglass stand as hygiene protection in the reception or at the reception. This protects your workforce and communicates to customers and visitors. That you take the situation and the welfare of your worker and customers seriously. In addition, you can put up information boards in the entrance area and markings on the floor that help take correct safety measures and keep sufficient distance.

Further protective measures

As soon as you have restructured your office and installed protective Plexiglas panes in the necessary places, the risk of infection in your office is already greatly reduced. However, there are other measures you can take to protect employees and customers. Disinfectants are particularly helpful and should be made available in particularly active places in your office, such as the break room, the coffee kitchen, or the bathroom.

You should also communicate clearly with your employees to ensure that they take the current situation seriously. If possible, you should also consider offering your employees the option of teleworking in the long term. However, especially employees with increased health. Risk should not necessarily return to the office until the risk of infection is minimal.

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