How to fix electric car lock?

7 solutions to repair your electronic car locks

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solutions to repair your electronic car locks

Are the electronic locks on your car no longer responding? Here are some tips to unlock them.

Electronic locks

The locks on your car are really effective against intruders. But they just have to stop working to prevent you from entering your own car!

  • Electronic locks are very practical: the possibility of remote access, a single button to lock and unlock all the doors.
  • But because of electronic mechanisms and systems, the risk of failure increases.

While some issues may require the expertise of an auto mechanic, others are minor and can be fixed by an enthusiastic novice.

1. Check the battery

You don’t want to repent later that you haven’t seen the obvious right under your nose.

  • If you use an electronic key to open and close the car’s locks, see if the battery is still charged or near death. It might just be time to replace it.

2. Replace the electronic key

If this is not the problem, the dongle may be defective.

  • Go to the dealership. It will hook it up to the computer that controls your keyless access and make sure it is still programmed.
  • If it does not send a signal, it must be replaced.

3. Check the other doors

Does a door refuse to open? Before pulling it out to change the electrical circuits, first, check the lock on the other door.

  • If it doesn’t work, it’s definitely a blown fuse.
  • This can be fixed if you change the fuse.

4. Consider the solenoid

If the other doors work, the fault is most likely in the lock solenoid.

  • In this case, you or your mechanic can remove the door panel and replace the solenoid.

5. Unfreeze the locking mechanism

To check a lock switch, raise and lower the latch by hand (or push and pull in new vehicles), while using the auto-lock. Make sure you leave the key in the lock.

  • If the lock tries to move, the fault is with a frozen mechanism or a broken solenoid.

A frozen lock can be repaired with a hairdryer (or the flame of a match or lighter). You heat the key or the locking mechanism itself to thaw it.

  • Alternatively, you can use a lock de-icer or a battery-operated key, which heats up and melts the ice.

6. Try a lubricating spray

If the lock refuses to operate, it can be repaired using an all-purpose lubricating spray can that you will find in many stores.

  • Thanks to the tube, you spray the product inside the locking mechanism.
  • Leave the lock alone for ten minutes, after which it should open without difficulty.

7. Open and close the door

If the door lock does not appear to be electrically powered, raise or lower the switch.

  • Slowly open and close the door several times to see if the lock tries to engage.
  • If so, it is most likely a broken wire or part of it in the hinge area. You will need to take out the electrical wires and locate the spot where they are broken or damaged.

The truth is, electronic locks make our life much safer and (normally) more convenient. But with all the advancements in technology, it is becoming difficult for ordinary people to fix faults on their own. This means that if your car’s locks are temperamental, you may need to get a mechanic to intervene.

Get Locksmith services

After all these steps, if you could not repair your electric car lock, the last solution is to get the services of All in one Locksmith in Tampa and get your car key repaired.


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